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Jan. 21, 2016 – Bel Marin Keys, Grand Opening prize winners

For the last six years, helping others transform their lives through chiropractic has been a genuine personal passion of mine and a calling into the profession.  It is what I profoundly love to do, and 2016 is a huge leap forward for that passion.  With the Grand Opening of the new Monarch Chiropractic office located at the forefront of Bel Marin Keys in South Novato, CA, the opportunity to transform lives has just blasted off to a new level.  The attractive single level office has a notable amount of room, a beautiful parking arrangement under the tall oak trees just outside the office door, and a warm environment just across the street from the Marin County Humane Society.  Monarch Chiropractic has started out with all new furniture including brand new adjusting tables, resting chairs, and a High Definition Digital X-Ray room.  And, since this is a family office, it is also accompanied with an engaging children’s play room. This truly healing atmosphere is designed with your health and family in mind.

Aside from the power of Upper Cervical Adjustments, which releases pressure caused by bones and muscles pressing against the nervous system (a physical approach), an overall move toward optimal health and great wellness is underway.  With the support of N.E.T. (Neuro-Emotional Technique), Palmer package techniques, and education in regards to healthy (and yummy) nutrition and a balanced and chemical-free lifestyle, nearly any physical health issue can be improved and in very many circumstances, eliminated.  Whether it is just a simple sleep problem, headaches, allergies, or something more serious such as high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and other serious health matters, an Upper Cervical Chiropractic touch in tandem with the other approaches mentioned can be an incredible health transformation.  For starters, just read the Testimonials page.  Something as simple as bringing better sleep into a person’s life can completely change them in regards to their family, work, and beyond.

I’m excited to now have my office located in my own Novato neighborhood, I’m excited to meet new neighbors and build new relationships, and I’m even more excited to help you Transform Your Health in this new future at Monarch Chiropractic.

-Dr. Monica Egan

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