What To Expect Day 1 and Day 2

First Step: Consultation and Exam

A consultation and exam will allow us to learn what you’re wrestling with and see how we can help. A detailed health history and exam (checking for posture, range of motion, thermal scan, OMX testing, etc) gives us a closer look at any conditions you may have and identify key concerns. *on day one please ask about one of our complementary AMX or Light Therapy sessions.

Second Step: Detailed Imaging

If you are a good candidate for our specialized care, we will refer you out to get advanced imaging. The CBCT scan will only take a moment of your time, but will allow us to analyze the images, determine any specific misalignments, and tailor an adjustment for your body. This imaging lets us know what is wrong and how to help.
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Last Step: Report of Findings and 1st Adjustment

We will then meet in person to go over the findings from your detailed exam and images. A specialized care plan will be designed for you that will address your specific needs. At this point you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Our spinal corrections are gentle, specific, last longer, and get better results so your body heals. We will help get you set up on a customized fountain of proof protocol to help you reach your health needs faster.

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